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Welcome to NEW TALENT on the Gulf Coast

With a thriving arts and cultural community, a growing base of entrepreneurs and innovation, cutting-edge health care, dynamic collegiate programs, and an active philanthropic community, the Gulf Coast is so much more than iconic white sand beaches.

We hope you love it here.
New Talent is a grassroots initiative focused on socially engaging summer hires and interns while imparting valuable soft skills that benefit participating companies and new hires alike.

Designed to showcase the region’s cornerstone enterprises, organizations and first-in-class cultural icons, New Talent delivers a positive perspective of the Gulf Coast that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

We are:

Recruiters, Human Resources Representatives & Small Business Owners...

who have hated to hear “thank you for the offer, but I’ve chosen a position in a market with more opportunities” from talented interns. Nobody likes getting a Dear John letter like that. So we decided to do something about it. New Talent Gulf Coast (formerly Millennials in Motion) kicked off in 2017 with seven companies and three events.

Fun! But not too much fun...

we realize the importance of good, old-fashioned connection. The likelihood that summer hires choose to stay in this area long term is influenced by their experience NOW. So we’re going to have fun. But we’re also going to use our collective expertise to help interns reach their potential by imparting wisdom, share best practices and set expectations on professional development along the way.

Easy on the bottom line...

We want organizations with reputable summer hire programs to participate. Thanks to creative thinking and maximizing our resources, participation in New Talent is so cost effective, you can’t afford not to take part.

A powerful resource...

Making strong connections with other companies facing the same issues (where are my interns going to find short term housing?) is always a big help. As much as we are in it to provide positive experiences, we believe in communication and collaboration to be of help to each other.

We are not:

Poachers. Of any kind.

Nobody is out to steal each other’s talent. The goal is to pool our resources to provide an impactful experience, not secretly recruit another organization’s summer hires. Because the old saying is true, “a rising tide will lift all boats.” We’re here to cheer each other on and further develop this region as an enriching area to live and a thriving community to work.

An employment agency.

While we do hope that the potential employees participating in New Talent ultimately choose to live a great life on the Gulf Coast one day, we are not in the business of job placement for any other organization’s interns or summer hires. We wish them well, but landing an amazing job is entirely up to them!


We’re on to something, and we don’t mind saying so! Our committee is made up of people who believe in the power of solutions, of rolling up our sleeves to make good things happen. We do our very best to provide a professional, polished experience for participating organizations and young people alike. We want New Talent participants to learn from and alongside us so they leave the region with a competitive advantage of landing a great job.


With access to so many amazing regional institutions, it would be hard to produce a boring event. So we don’t. But we also have a great time establishing our organizational priorities, sharing ideas and getting things done. We’re a fun bunch.

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